Hey There!

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When I was halfway through an Economics degree, I decided I wanted to pursue circus arts professionally. I finished my degree and went to the New England Center for Circus Arts. What started as an obsession with juggling turned into a love for skill acquisition, mobility, and working with people.

I eventually realized that MOVEMENT was the through-line. It’s what I loved about getting grass stains growing up, training circus, and everything in between. This led me to CrossFit, the Ido Portal Method, and ultimately Functional Range Conditioning (FRC).

I’m an FRC Mobility and Assessment Specialist, with a specific love for building strong and healthy spines. I’m focused on human health above the noise of fitness marketing—if the research says that getting a good night’s sleep is as important as exercise, then you better believe FM clients are getting their 8 hours!

Core Values


If Fein Movement were built on one value, this would be it. Honesty with ourselves and each other. It is easy to claim, but let’s bring it to every new challenge.


Consistency beats everything … eventually. One small step every day will take you a lot further than you might imagine.


Coaching is an attempt to understand you, and how to best serve you. Empathy lies at the heart of every client program, every e-mail, and every video you see.


There is always more room for growth. We don’t strive for a summit, we just continue to climb.


“After decades of frustration and wasted effort, Jeremy was able to help me overcome my life-long issues with joint mobility and flexibility, and he also solved my cramping issues.

No one else I worked with found a way to help me with these problems. I only regret that I wasn’t able to start working with Jeremy sooner.”


“I have worked with some of the best Olympic Weightlifting, boxing, and Taekwan Do coaches; I’ve worked with Ido Portal, Christopher Sommers, and many others.

Jeremy is by far the best coach I have ever worked with. Why? Because he treats every single person he works with with the same level of respect.

-Shakira (2nd degree black belt)


“Jeremy’s ability to express himself and teach in simple and relatable terms comes from a deep understanding of the complexity of his craft … His punctuality, personality, and ability to deliver precisely what the students needed made it abundantly clear that this is a professional that I need to work with again.

-Jon Yuen